The first time I got off on being used as furniture, I was 17 years old.

It was at my best friend N’s 18th birthday party. Her parents had converted their basement into an awesome entertaining room – complete with a full bar and bear skin rug. On other occasions, N and I would sneak down there,  » Read more

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Strange Company

I mentioned a few posts back about a writing project I’ve undertaken, a book, a memoir.

It’s an odd feeling writing this book. The person I’ve been spending the most time with lately is the me of 2009. Somehow I feel I owe her an apology. I guess the book is that apology.  » Read more

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Someone I Used to Know

A few days ago, I became aware that someone I was friendly with back in Maine was silently following me on social media. She’d posted a random comment, and a few minutes later, I had figured out who she was. The language and attitude were unmistakably her, and the profile pictures, although they didn’t show her face,  » Read more

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Wind at My Back

I didn’t stop. I focused on my breath, my counting, pressed down harder on the pavement, letting the tension propel my body forward.

The neighbor dude was boring holes into me with his eyes, gaping, his face clearly reading an expression of disbelief. It could have been one of any number of reasons.  » Read more

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custom burn from Drunken Page

Got an abusive partner or ex-partner who keeps trying to get under your skin by telling you how crazy you are, calling you a psycho? Try this one on for size: “Yeah, I’m psycho. If I’m psycho, then you’re a hallucination because the only reason I’m crazy is I keep seeing you.”  » Read more

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The Weave

There is something so powerful about holding someone fragile in your arms when you feel the most frail, the pretense and judgement slipping away, saying, “Yes, I forgive you. Yes, I understand you. Yes, I believe you,” and having it echo back to you in a way that is just original enough that it startles you because for a mere moment  you had connected with someone so powerfully that you had almost forgotten you existed separate from one another.  » Read more

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only human

I dreamt last night that, completely unbeknownst to me, everyone and I mean, literally everyone was hiding a giant roll of fat under their clothes. It was funny that I hadn’t seen it before. It had always been that way. The pannus was not uncommon, loose abdominal aprons of skin that hung practically to the knees.  » Read more

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