Mona Lisa

It’s fun to puzzle people. I take this as a sign of progress. I used to feel ashamed when people would point out that things I was doing were different, even if they said it in a relatively nice way (“you’re really interesting,” “I never know what you’re going to say next,” etc), but nowadays it’s amusing.  » Read more

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How We Roll

Me: So I read about this book called Mating in Captivity. One of its basic premises is fascinating. Basically, in relationships there are competing needs of safety and security versus variety and novelty, which produces an inherent conflict that needs to be dealt with, one way or another.

Skyspook: That’s not just relationships,  » Read more

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I Hate Taylor Swift

I hate Taylor Swift.

Okay, not really, but I pretend to – for my father-in-law. It gave us something to talk about, really, as she shimmied on stage in her blingy flapper-style dress, engineered for shaking. We commiserated in that moment, united against a common enemy, a beautiful — albeit overrated – pop star.  » Read more

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Baby’s First Bondage

My first experience with bondage was far from submissive. I was, in fact, quite bossy about the whole affair.

“Strap me down,” I told my girlfriend.

“You sure?” she asked.

After all, it was a king-sized bed, and what height I do have is in my torso. The wrist and ankle cuffs might well have been in the four corners of the country.  » Read more

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I, Smeagol

When the Lord of the Rings movies started coming out (nearly 15 years ago now, how is that even possible?), I was immediately taken with Gollum.

Movie Gollum was markedly even larger than life than his literary counterpart. It wasn’t just his wretched adorableness — although I’m sure that didn’t hurt.  » Read more

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Growing Spines



There’s a reason why a cactus has spines. Cacti live and thrive in deserts, one of the harshest classes of biome on the face of the Earth, surrounded by creatures that have adapted to survive those conditions. Their spines not only help dissuade other life forms from eating them but also dramatically increase a cactus’s surface area and allow them to better absorb water from infrequent rains.  » Read more

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Due to falling back, the commute home yesterday took place for the first time in darkness. I’ve always done my best thinking in the dark, and last night was no exception. As I was cruising along 77 North with that flamethrower-looking thingie blazing and Terminal Tower all lit up in purple on my left,  » Read more

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Accepting Love

I am so in love.

There are days now that are so wonderful, so utterly filled with hope and beautiful things that a younger version of myself navigating unjust obstacles and experiencing constant disappointment would never believe it possible. And yet, here I am, 20 years ahead in the same life writing this,  » Read more

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