A Tale of Two Ballots


I live in Ohio, so apparently my vote is worth its weight in gold. It’s an incredibly different experience being a voter here as opposed to what I’m used to in Maine. Every medium is saturated with political ads. At least a half a dozen people have stopped by randomly,  » Read more

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Archiving the Present

The neat thing about being a memoirist is that life is constantly giving me new material. Every day that I live I gather more experiences, insights that can be woven into a future work. Of course, working as much as I have lately on the book relating to my now-defunct first marriage (during which we were polyamorous,  » Read more

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Flight of the Valkyrie

Last night I had the strangest dream.

For some reason, I’d traveled back to Maine to stay with, of all people, my ex-husband. There were numerous strange moments – when we embraced and I noted his frame was smaller than Skyspook’s (my ex is a few inches shorter), when he confessed he still loved me,  » Read more

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Hot Writing Tip

(2:24:34 PM) skyspook: You just need pushes in the right direction I think. You’re like me in more ways than one… you’re blind to your own talent
(2:24:39 PM) page: maybe
(2:24:52 PM) page: I feel like the only reason I’m any good as a writer is because I wrote so much
(2:24:56 PM) page: everybody is shitty when they start
(2:25:05 PM) page: I just wrote countless words until I wasn’t shitty 😛
(2:25:19 PM) page: there’s my writing advice
(2:25:24 PM) page: write countless words until you aren’t shitty
(2:25:36 PM) page: throw away or don’t show anybody most of them until you’ve written several buttloads  » Read more

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Leave a Message, I’m Not Here

I was up until 4:00 this morning masturbating to Penthouse Letters, eating far too much peanut butter, and sorting out the contents of my head. Mostly the latter.

Skyspook has been inordinately grumpy this past week or so, though for good reason. He recently had a root canal and has been inundated with work stress.  » Read more

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So far, so good

The first draft of the memoir is coming along swimmingly. Just crunched the numbers, and I’m averaging 858 words a day. Not too shabby. My goal starting out on this book was to write at least 500 words a day each and every day. I’ve missed a few days around the time of the wedding and a camping trip we took to Amish country for Skyspook’s birthday,  » Read more

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This Wasn’t In the Brochure

‘Help – My Cat Peed on my Corset’ was started in Domestic Servitude

When you sign on to be a pervert, they never tell you this is how your life will go, that you’ll be sitting there minding your own business, reading a play, watching old episodes of The Twilight Zone on Netflix,  » Read more

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Consensus as Illusory Evidence

Lately, I’ve been rolling around the concepts of dishonesty vs.  an incomplete (or even merely representational) model – or similarly, inaccuracy as distinguished from explicit deception.

These are the stones that my brain tumbles in a constant attempt to smooth them.

I addressed this earlier within the framework of the popular logical problem in my essay,  » Read more

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