“We are all connected to each other biologically, to the earth chemically and to the rest of the universe atomically.”

Neil DeGrasse Tyson  <3


Ways to Meet Others – The largest social network for BDSM practitioners in the world, a.k.a, Facebook for kinksters – A social networking site where organizers manage local events for any interest you can think of that, including polyamory and kink groups all over the world

Please see this article for things to keep in mind when meeting polyamorous people and kinksters.

Kink Writers

Kayla Lords – superstar submissive blogger

The Pervocracy – A blog written by a Boston kinkster covering a range of issues of sex positivity, polyamory, consent/rape culture, feminism, and much, much more!

K(ink) (at the Rumpus) – Writing while deviant, a series edited by poet Arielle Greenberg, featuring a number of accomplished writers who also happen to be kinksters, exploring the connection between their fetishes and their creative process

Poly Writers

Polyammering – Phi Phi, kinky monogamous half of a mono/poly pairing

SoloPoly – Blog of Amy Gahran/Aggie Sez. Life, relationships, and dating as a free agent

Conscious Polyamory – A Blog About Loving More Than One, written by Morgaine

The Polyamorous Misanthrope – First polyamorous blogger I really got into. Advice column/blog on some of the finer points of polyamory and polyamorous relationships. Goddess of Java can be snarky and blunt, but she always tells it like it is and would never have been one to let the Emperor just run around willy nilly in his birthday suit without piping up!

Poly in the Media – Blog following media coverage of polyamory

Kimchee Cuddles – A webcomic by Tikva Wolf spreading awareness about poly, queer, and genderqueer issues

Poly Pocket – Series in which Carolyn Yates of Autostraddle interviews a variety of polyamorous folks

Sexual Education

Kinkly – Straight up sex talk with a twist (disclosure: I’m a contributor there)

Scarleteen – Sex Ed for the Real world

Oh Joy Sex Toy – web comic featuring helpful sex toy reviews

Sex & Psychology – Justin Lehmiller’s blog

Sunny Megatron – sex educator, TV & podcast host


KinkyCast, hosted by Woody & the Beast

Off the Cuffs: A Kink & BDSM Podcast, hosted by Dick Wound & minimus maximus

Proud to Be Kinky: A Social & Interpersonal Podcast for the Kinky & the Curious, hosted by Floss & Bakji Ben

Erotic Awakening, hosted by Dan & dawn

(for interviews I’ve done, please see my Media Publications page)

Alternative Relationship Advocacy

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom – An advocacy organization protecting sexual freedom of all varieties, serving especially the kink, poly, and swing communities in the form of legal assistance and protection and education.

Relationship Equality Foundation – Provides outreach, education, and support for those involved or seeking relationships with non-traditional structures

Loving More – National 501(c)(3) non-profit for polyamory

The Polyamory Society – Another non-profit serving the polyamorous community

Poly Land’s Guest Contributor Blogs

Some of our contributors are also writing subjects of mine. Whimsical!

FluffyElectric Discourse (where pith goes to die; in-depth looks at awkward topics)

Lady Heat – n/a

Matthew ShadrakeConfessions of a Hedonist

Johncarvincustom, Exploring my Brain Meats

Daphne Matthews DM’s Words

Sex Blogger Directories

Kinkly’s Blogger Directory

Molly’s Daily Kiss Top 100



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