So far, so good

The first draft of the memoir is coming along swimmingly. Just crunched the numbers, and I’m averaging 858 words a day. Not too shabby. My goal starting out on this book was to write at least 500 words a day each and every day. I’ve missed a few days around the time of the wedding and a camping trip we took to Amish country for Skyspook’s birthday,  » Read more

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Consensus as Illusory Evidence

Lately, I’ve been rolling around the concepts of dishonesty vs.  an incomplete (or even merely representational) model – or similarly, inaccuracy as distinguished from explicit deception.

These are the stones that my brain tumbles in a constant attempt to smooth them.

I addressed this earlier within the framework of the popular logical problem in my essay,  » Read more

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In times of personal crisis, I’ve often found myself at a loss. Sometimes, I’m faced with a dilemma, a choice between two equally bad things, or almost as bad, a choice between two equally good things. Other times, I’ve made one of those decisions and am full of guilt and doubt. Whatever the case, agony and stress pursue,  » Read more

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As my life goes on, I find myself growing more and more disillusioned about the plausibility of nuanced communication being both well delivered and well received, on both sides of the equation – at least outside of the rare occurrence, the blip, freak accident of healthy interpersonal communication.

There are difficulties in working in longer forms with more complex sentence constructions,  » Read more

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This will probably not read like a normal one of my writings because I am too excited to take the time to actually sort through and collect my thoughts and make sure they sound how I like them to, as I’m wont to. I’m a stickler for a style of prosody that I’ve grown to employ,   » Read more

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There’s nothing quite like walking along a road in Cleveland to come across a brownstone reverberating like a cathedral, The Jackson Five echoing into the street.

To find the yappy dog on the block has determined you are his consummate companion and manages to follow you from 5 feet ahead.

To cheer on the nun in the SUV who cuts off an entire line of traffic at the intersection,  » Read more

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I’ve realized my major problem as a writer, what holds me back more than anything.

Self-consciousness, that pesky inner critic who will not shut the fuck up.

I find I do best when I can really just focus on the task in hand and not generate a band of hecklers in my head.   » Read more

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On Obscurantism

I was cruising through some old chat logs for a romantic trip down memory lane and came across myself explaining to Skyspook about my personal views on language:


Conversation with skyspook at 5/11/2011 on irc:

(2:50:32 PM) page: I wanted to say it without saying it
(2:50:44 PM) page: that’s how poetry is,  » Read more

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Charmed Life

These are a few of the poems I wrote about adjusting to moving out here. I think they’re pretty self-explanatory:


Little neighbor girl as I take
out the recycling:  “Hello.
I like your high heels.”

All of seven, she darts away,
but I stay, frozen at the curb.  » Read more

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