Dear Readers, This Is How It’s Going & What’s Up

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Dear Readers,

I have been publishing daily articles on this blog since September 1, 2016. This site existed for several years before then, but it was called something different and functioned more like a regular journal than a themed website.

I’ve managed during these past 3.5 years to be rather consistent and put out content regardless of whatever chaos was ensuing in my personal life.  » Read more

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Vagueposting Has Really Become an Inescapable Cultural Expectation

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vagueposting: (noun) making posts on social media that either

  1. Give off a vague feeling of sadness or other emotional issues to prompt others into asking what’s wrong and generally shower said poster with attention
  2. Talk smack about someone without mentioning them.

(definition source: urban dictionary)

I Work On a Time Delay

A long while back,  » Read more

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For Better or Worse, You Don’t Get to Control How Other People See You

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Image by Brett Bolkowy / CC BY

I’m sitting in a pew, attending mass at the church I attended growing up.

It’s been 7 years since I went to a service here, on another visit to my hometown, but surprisingly little has changed since then.

Actually, surprisingly little has changed from 30 years ago, when I was a small child doing my best to remain quiet and tolerate the unending boredom,  » Read more

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