Feeling Bad About My Imperfections Did Me More Harm Than My Imperfections Ever Did

The face of a woman, including a stone wall
Image by Pixabay / CC 0

If I want to think of a time when my inner thoughts weren’t self-critical, I have to think back very far. Practically to a point where life was largely non-verbal, and I don’t remember too much aside from images. The warmth of sunlight on my face. The view of my own tiny stockinged feet shoved into full-body pajamas.  » Read more

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It Matters Even More Now That I’m a Klutz. Thanks, Pandemic.

a red sticker that reads "100% KLUTZ CERTIFIED"
Image by Mark Morgan / CC BY

I haven’t written about this much, but I’ll say it now: I’m a klutz.

When I was a little kid, I was always falling down and skinning my knees. Now, I did eventually become a runner, first a sprinter in elementary school and later a cross country runner in middle school (before puberty came along and made it impossible to compete like I had before,  » Read more

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