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Category: Survival

a pair of sun conures. One of them has its eyes closed and looks like it's enjoying being close to the other bird
Mental Health

I Think the Unnecessary Gratitude Will Always Be There

There was a meme that got really popular a while back that advised people who were dating folks who had been abused in the past. They’ll be grateful for little things, the meme said. And they’ll try to thank you for that. You need to discourage that behavior, the meme advised.

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Everything Must Be Said Again Since No One Was Listening

We’ve reached a point where there’s nothing left to say, and most of us are completely done, we barely have the energy to speak to our friends, let alone folks who consider us enemies…. except… except sometimes there’s a chance. There’s that occasional person who says, “Oh, I didn’t think of that before.” Improbably. However improbably.

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