My Life Got So Much Better When I Stopped Worrying if I Were Good-Looking & Assumed I Was Average

clip art of a normal statistical distribution
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I mentioned this a bit in an earlier post, but one of the most helpful things I ever did was to stop worrying if I were good-looking. Instead, I started to just assume I was average.

If people compliment my appearance, I thank them and leave it at that. No need to argue like I’m Jimmy Stewart lecturing an old-timey movie courtroom.  » Read more

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Being Constantly Told to Shut Up When You’re a Kid Sticks With You

black and white photo of a long-haired person looking downwards in a sad way. Their hair and shadow obscures the right half of their face.
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“You got your creativity from me,” my mother says. “Your father was good at many things, but he didn’t have a creative bone in his body.”

My father passed away in April. He was an inventor, a construction engineer. A brilliant blue collar man. He wasn’t a very talkative person — unless you got him going about something he was passionate about —  » Read more

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It’s Easy for Other People to Judge You When You’re Making a Change They Don’t Understand

a spiny pink-flowering thistle, a plant considered a weed
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One of Picasso’s favorite assignments for a young artist was to have him or her try to draw a perfect circle. It can’t be done; everyone draws a circle with some particular distortion, and that distorted circle is “your” circle, an insight into “your” style. “Try to make the circle as best you can. And since nobody before you has made a perfect circle,  » Read more

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