Cupiosexual: When You’re Asexual, But You Still Want a Sexual Relationship

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Hello Page,

I’ve been really enjoying your series of posts on underrepresented identities (asexual, aromantic, demisexual, semi-demi, etc.). It’s been really interesting and eye opening for me. 

There was one line that really threw me for a loop though in your piece about aromantic polyamorous people: “Finally,  » Read more

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I’m Still Taking Birth Control After 20+ Years, But the Reason Has Changed

a pink sign being held up that says "Don't take away my birth control" in front of a building
Image by Charlotte Cooper / CC BY

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been terrified of getting pregnant.

I suppose it didn’t help that one of my formative experiences surrounding pregnancy involved a teen mom who looked miserable. She was the daughter of one of my mom’s friends. Had gotten pregnant in high school. And whenever my mother and I would stop by to visit her friend,  » Read more

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Giving Reassurance Is Like Giving Head

one cartoon human figure reassuring another that appears to be crying
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Why I Don’t Vaguepost When I’m Sad

Like anyone else, I hit bad patches. I get sad. Run into trouble inside my own head.

I  had a particularly awful spell a little while back, brought on by some work I was doing sorting through childhood trauma. The kind of thing that’s always with me but is normally tucked away in tightly sealed boxes in some remote corner of my brain.  » Read more

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When Sex Positivity Is Rape Culture With a Bow On It

a photograph of a cat with a bow on its head with an uncomfortable expression on its face
Image by JoshBerglund19 / CC BY

Content Warning: Sex Positivity as Coercion


Today’s piece is a guest blog post from Fluffy, an academic in-training, who is studying organizational behavior in hopes of making the world a better place.

This is the seventh article they’ve contributed to Poly.Land (wow!). Here are the others:

  1. I’m Too Anxious to Be Jealous
  2. Everything I’ve Ever Learned About Non-Monogamy My Puppy Taught Me All Over Again 
  3. Is There a Right Time or Way to Break Up a Relationship?
  4.   » Read more

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Why It’s Tempting to Fake Orgasms, But You Really Shouldn’t

a jar full of dozen of yardsticks, viewed from above
Image by Bill Smith / CC BY

“Let’s see how many orgasms I can give you,” he says. “My previous record is nine in one night. But I’d like to try and top that.”

I stiffen. He isn’t talking about me when he references his record. Whether he realizes it or not, he’s implied that I’m in sexual competition with some unknown mystery woman.  » Read more

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