How Are We Supposed to Really Understand Sex If We’re Not Comfortable Talking About It?

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It’s happy hour at the bar with Skyspook’s coworkers. I’m his designated driver and feeling a bit out of place as a plus one. Most of the people there I’m meeting for the first time, and they’re nice enough, so I do my best to chat with them.

I’m relieved when Skyspook’s boss walks up to me since we’ve met in the past and talked before.  » Read more

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Proxic: Toxic by Proxy

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When Sweetness Is the Whole Problem

“I feel bad about being so upset with her,” she says. “She hasn’t really done anything wrong herself.”

I nod. “I was really surprised to hear you were having trouble with her. She’s so sweet. Not the sort of person I would ever imagine getting under your skin.”  » Read more

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Threesomes, You’re Doing Them Wrong

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On those days when I’m struggling with my latest challenge as a poly person, I can sure count on monogamous people to remind me how different things are out here in Poly.Land. This is especially true when it comes to threesomes and happened with Reddit a little while ago.

My latest reminder was reading Jezebel’s “Amber Rose Had Her First Threesome and Totally Hated It.”  » Read more

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“But what if they test positive?”


“But aren’t you worried about diseases?”

It’s a very frequent question asked of poly people – and a very natural one. I know it’s the first one I asked when polyamory was presented to me as a relationship option.

Your standard-issue Poly Honor Student answer goes a little something like this: “Of course we are,  » Read more

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