The Curious Case of Hundredth Monkey Effect and How Ideas Actually Seem to Spread

two monkeys sitting together on a log
Image by Pixabay / CC 0

During this weekend series, I’ve primarily stuck to phenomena that have held up to empirical research or at least heavily been supported by clinical practice.

In today’s article, however, I’d like to talk about a completely hypothetical phenomenon called hundredth monkey effect.

The Hundred Monkey Effect

What is hundredth monkey effect?  » Read more

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Could the Kindly Brontosaurus Be Your New Best Friend?

a brontosaurus statue in a garden
Image by Jon Evans / CC BY

I have a confession to make: I’m always the idiot at the restaurant who ordered the spicy food and drank all my water before my meal arrived.

It’s me. I’m the person sitting there trying her best to eat her meal without anything to drink, sweat pouring down her face. Hoping that the server will swing by soon with something to drink and save me from myself.  » Read more

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Positive Childhood Experiences, the Flipside of Trauma

a team of 4 toy soldiers guarding a Rubik's cube
Image by herval / CC BY

Just about everyone is familiar with the concept of traumatic childhood experiences, as well as how they can profoundly shape a person’s life well into adulthood.

What’s far less familiar is another, opposite concept: Positive childhood experiences.

A recent study dug into the prevalence of positive childhood experiences as well as their role in mental health later on life.  » Read more

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Flow State, Hyperfocus, and Losing Yourself in a Task

a river flowing over rocks
Image by Cordelia Chew / CC BY

Have you ever been so completely focused on a task as you were doing it that you completely lost track of where you were? So absorbed in completing something that you looked up only to find that hours had passed?

I certainly have. During the most gratifying, fulfilling writing sessions and also during certain times when I was composing music.  » Read more

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Night Owls Start Having Sex at An Earlier Age and Have More Sex in General

a clock face
Image by David Lofink / CC BY

If you know enough people, you likely know of ones who are on all different schedules, practically speaking as well as energetically speaking. There are some people who are night owls, who are fuzzy in the morning and find that they are more alert, awake, sharp and focused at night.

And there are others who are morning people.  » Read more

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False Memories Are Very Common — and Can Even Be Collective

a pastel portrait of Nelson Mandela
Image by Ariel Quiroz / CC BY

One of the most exciting takeaways from empirical psychological research has been the study of memory. In particular, the study of false memories.

The body of work on this area is huge, and many researchers have taken a stab or two. But most notably, Elizabeth Loftus pioneered a series of studies into memory beginning in 1974 that completely revolutionized our collective understanding of memory and how accurate —  » Read more

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We’ll Always Have Heroes Because Even Monkeys Have Celebrities

a group of rhesus macaques in the wild
Image by cattan2011 / CC BY

If there’s one thing I want you to keep in mind today, it’s this: Just because someone is famous, just because someone has a lot of admirers, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t fallible in one way or another.

It’s far too easy to pedestal our leaders. Or to decide that just because someone’s famous that they are in a class all of their own.  » Read more

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What Kind of Man Sends Women Unsolicited Dick Pics and Why?

a green stamp that says "censored"
Image by Pixabay / CC 0

As a war-weary female veteran of the Internet (been cruising since the good old dial-up BBS days, thankyouverymuch), I’ve seen my share of dick pics. While I have consensually received photographs of a lover’s genitalia (a completely different context), the vast majority of the dick pics I’ve looked at in my time have been unsolicited and from strangers.  » Read more

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