Less Supportive, Less Responsive People Have Partners with Lower Self-Esteem

the silhouette of a person watching a TV that just has static on it
Image by Jason Rogers / CC BY

These days I live with a romantic partner who makes me very happy. Before I met them, I didn’t know this was actually possible. I’d had long-term relationships before, but I’d never been with someone who was so supportive. And frankly, even as responsive in conversation, if I really think about it (stumbling on today’s study prompted me to).  » Read more

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Can People Who Want to Change Their Attachment Style Do So?

a cat snuggling on a human's shoulder. The cat's eyes are closed, and they look quite content.
Image by Pixabay / CC 0

I’ve written quite a few times on this website about attachment styles. As I’ve written in those previous posts, perhaps the biggest lesson of all in child development is that the first year of so of our life is a radically important time for us emotionally. While we continue to learn about trust and social relationships over the course of our life (and experience another notable period of turbulence at puberty),  » Read more

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Gluten Avoidance Doesn’t Seem to Be Overly Political

a plate of 4 bagels. The top two appear to be poppyseed, the bottom two appear to be plain.
Image by Steam Pipe Trunk Distribution Venue / CC BY

“Gluten-free? Y’all have a gluten-free option?” His voice carries. And so does his indignation. “I tell you what… it’s those liberals with their namby-pamby gluten shit that are ruining the country.”

I frown. Okay Kyle, I think. Because I bet his name is Kyle. Or Lyle. He looks like a Kyle or a Lyle.  » Read more

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What Sorts of Things Do People Regret Most?

a photograph of a patch of cement with the words "live with no regrets" scribbled on it in cursive script
Image by Jason Howie / CC BY

Ahh… regret.

Some people claim they don’t have time for it. “No regrets,” they’ll proclaim proudly.

And yet, even some of these folks, when you get them in a quiet or vulnerable state, they’ll freely admit that there are some things they wished they would have done differently.

Even if they say it quickly and add on something like,  » Read more

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When We Get Close to People, We Overestimate How Effectively We Communicate With Them

an artist's rendering of two people. One of them is talking out of 2 mouths. Their conversation partner has their eyes closed and a brick wall textured over their face.
Image by Rick&Brenda Beerhorst / CC BY

“We finish each other’s–”


Arrested Development (and later, Frozen)


It’s kind of the best feeling… when you get close enough to a person that you feel like you know what they’re going to say next. When you can actually accurately finish their sentences.  » Read more

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Sexist Beliefs Are Linked to Dark Triad Personality Traits

it's a weathered graphic that reads "space invaders against sexism" with a retro arcade font. A pixellated alien from the Space Invaders arcade game is also on the sign
Image by PJ Rey / CC BY

We covered the dark triad of personality traits in an earlier installment of this series. Feel free to reread that article for a review. But here’s a recap. Basically, personality researchers wanted to find out if there were traits that could act as early warning signs for antisocial behavior.

After much toil (and warring back and forth with one another),  » Read more

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Intellectually Humble People Are Better at Applying What They’ve Learned

a white tote bag next to a navy blue backpack. the white tote bag reads in black letters "work hard stay humble"
Image by chaiyawat p / CC BY

As I’ve mentioned in previous installments of this series, Dunning-Kruger effect is a cognitive bias whereby the most unskilled or incompetent individuals think they are much better at things than they actually are. For more information on Dunning-Kruger, please feel free to read the following two articles:

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Kinksters Report Fewer Sexual Problems & Higher Sexual Satisfaction Than the Vanilla Population

a green sign that reads "kink" on it in gold letters
Image by Stuart Caie / CC BY

I remember when I first got into kink, got hooked into the kink community. My vanilla friends weren’t quite sure what to do with me. It was interesting in a way — since they knew that I was in an open marriage at the time. That my husband and I saw other people. That we considered ourselves polyamorous.  » Read more

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