It’s Possible to Care So Much for So Long That You Run Out of Caring

a person passed out on the lawn, exhausted
Image by poppet with a camera / CC BY

It’s something they warn all new therapists about, the plague of people in the helping professions: Compassion fatigue.

Compassion fatigue is also sometimes known as secondary traumatic stress disorder or vicarious stress.

It’s a lot like it sounds. Compassion fatigue occurs when you spend so much time taking care of other people,  » Read more

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Skilled People Doubt Themselves; The Unskilled Are Confident

Meme reads: The first rule of Dunning-Kruger club is you do not know you're in Dunning-Kruger club. Also pictured is the confidence curve graph which indicates amateurs are rather confident and experts typically retain doubts
Image Source by A Science Enthusiast

The first rule of Dunning-Kruger Club is you do not know you’re in Dunning-Kruger Club.

-Internet Meme


The fundamental cause of trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.

Bertrand Russell, 1933, lamenting the rise of Nazi Germany


I have written 11 books,  » Read more

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You Can Become Addicted to Anger & Not Even Know It

It's a red square with a cartoon angry face in it
Image by Pixabay / CC 0

Every so often, when I tell someone that I have a professional background in psychological research, they’ll immediately start talking to me about Sigmund Freud.

And inevitably I’ll end up conveying the same information: Freud’s a famous guy, and a lot of people’s “picture” of psychology — but he wasn’t a scientist. He formed a lot of hypotheses,  » Read more

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Why Someone Speeds Up When You’re Trying to Pass Them on the Highway

a scene of a highway at night in downtown Seattle
Image by Matthew Rutledge / CC BY

“Oh of course you’re gonna slow down now,” Justin says, shaking his head. He swears colorfully. So colorfully. It’s a veritable rainbow of profanity.

The driver in question has just committed a pet peeve of his — and of many other people. It’s a very familiar frustrating situation: Another driver is going rather slow on the highway.  » Read more

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Misery Loves Company… In Real Life or Online

a coffee mug featuring the face of Eeyore, the depressed donkey character from Winnie the Pooh
Image by Ben Babcock / CC BY

She’s holding her phone, scrolling through Facebook. She groans at something she sees. “Guess it’s time to snooze their posts for a while again.”

Snooze is a feature she uses a lot, allowing her not to see content from the person in question for 30 days. She’s found it extraordinarily useful ever since Facebook implemented it.  » Read more

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