People Who Believe in “Destiny” Are More Likely to Ghost Romantic Partners

a cartoon ghost
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I’ve featured many articles on ghosting over the course of writing this blog, including this post on the 4 reasons why people ghost.

I’m sure just about everyone has heard of it by now, but just in case you haven’t, ghosting is the act of breaking off a relationship by spontaneously ceasing all contact and communication without warning someone or explaining it to them first.  » Read more

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The Better Looking You Are, the More Likely You Are to Think That Life Is Fair

a bare tree on a pink hillside
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In a previous installment of this series, we talked about a psychological consistency theory known as Belief in a Just World. Here’s a good explanation of the phenomenon by prominent researcher, Carol Tavris:

“Consistency theories all assume that human beings have a fundamental need to find meaning and order in life’s experiences.  » Read more

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Apparently Men Are Less Likely to Recycle Because They Worry It’ll Make Them Seem Gay

the earth
Image by Kevin Gill / CC BY

I’m telling you… it’s a weird world out there research-wise. I feature a wide array of topics in this article series. And I’ve read a lot of research at this point in my life (even spent some time as a researcher myself). But I still managed to be surprised by research studies. Surprised at what the researchers are looking at,  » Read more

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Do Women Actually Dig Beards on Men?

a simple black outline of a sunglasses and beard on a face
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Man, I gotta tell you. I have a great love of reading research studies. But sometimes their native titles are a real hoot. Here’s an example. So I just read one today that basically is investigating whether women dig men with beards. Here’s what it’s called though:

“A multivariate analysis of women’s mating strategies and sexual selection on men’s facial morphology.”  » Read more

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What Is Better-Than-Average Effect? Are There Factors That Make It More Likely?

A thermometer with mercury bursting through the glass. Levels on the thermometer are Invincible, Strong, Steady, Building, and Fair. The thermometer is called "Confidence Level"
Image by Vic / CC BY

Most people with any degree of familiarity with psychological research know that in general, when you look over a large enough group of people, you will find a fairly consistent pattern: The majority of people think they are better than average.

This is of course statistically impossible. But it happens over and over again and has for decades.  » Read more

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Who Is Most Likely to Be Prosocial?

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While it’s easy some days to get swallowed up in negativity bias, an innate quality human beings have that make us overly sensitive to the negative (and look past the positive), I’ve always been an unapologetic fan of prosocial deeds.

So much so that one year, I actually made it my New Year’s Resolution to perform one random act of kindness per week —  » Read more

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