Do Women Actually Dig Beards on Men?

a simple black outline of a sunglasses and beard on a face

Man, I gotta tell you. I have a great love of reading research studies. But sometimes their native titles are a real hoot. Here’s an example. So I just read one today that basically is investigating whether women dig men with beards. Here’s what it’s called though:

“A multivariate analysis of women’s mating strategies and sexual selection on men’s facial morphology.”  » Read more

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What Is Better-Than-Average Effect? Are There Factors That Make It More Likely?

A thermometer with mercury bursting through the glass. Levels on the thermometer are Invincible, Strong, Steady, Building, and Fair. The thermometer is called "Confidence Level"
Image by Vic / CC BY

Most people with any degree of familiarity with psychological research know that in general, when you look over a large enough group of people, you will find a fairly consistent pattern: The majority of people think they are better than average.

This is of course statistically impossible. But it happens over and over again and has for decades.  » Read more

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Who Is Most Likely to Be Prosocial?

ten purple hands reaching up from the bottom of an image
Image by Pixabay / CC 0

While it’s easy some days to get swallowed up in negativity bias, an innate quality human beings have that make us overly sensitive to the negative (and look past the positive), I’ve always been an unapologetic fan of prosocial deeds.

So much so that one year, I actually made it my New Year’s Resolution to perform one random act of kindness per week —  » Read more

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Is It Really Interrupting… Or Is It Cooperative Overlap?

two chat bubbles that are overlapping, a green one on the left and an orange one on the right
Image by Valery Kenski / CC BY

Interrupting. Ahhh… now, there’s a loaded topic.

I shudder involuntarily whenever the subject is broached. Not because I worry about getting interrupted. I don’t.

I have the other sort of baggage — where I worry I’m going to anger someone because I’ve inadvertently interrupted them.

What’s interesting is that I haven’t universally gotten this feedback from everyone I’ve known or anything.  » Read more

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Women Avoid Revealing Clothing in Order to Avoid Aggression From Other Women

a dressform bust with fabric wrapped around it
Image by Chellbie / CC BY

A while back, I was talking to a woman who in general really liked her new mother-in-law. (As we noted in an earlier installment of these series, this is not uncommon; many women get along great with their mothers-in-law, in spite of cultural jokes that would suggest otherwise.)

However, the woman I was talking to had run into one hitch with her mother-in-law,  » Read more

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Huh, They Confirmed Fragile Masculinity in the Lab

silohuette of a muscle bound orc creature
Image by Pixabay / CC 0

Fragile masculinity is a cultural phenomenon that’s getting talked about more and more the past few years. Basically, when a man has a fragile sense of masculinity, he believes that manhood is something uncertain, that must be earned, and that can be lost.

Typically, in this belief system, manhood is defined by proving that you are not emotional.  » Read more

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In Straight Relationships, Men Are More Likely to Be the First One to Say “I Love You”

"I love you" written with sparklers
Image by nicholas / CC BY

When I talk about someone being “a hopeless romantic,” most people are likely to assume I’m talking about a woman. Because we’re fiends for romance, don’t you know? Sensitive creatures obsessed with feelings and affection and all the trappings of a loving partnered life.

Romance junkies.

Straight men, on the other hand,  » Read more

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People Get More Anxious When Others Take Risks Than When They Do So Themselves

a highway with mountains in the background
Image by bfishadow / CC BY

Have you ever sat up all night and worried about someone?

I sure have. Especially if I knew they were doing something particularly risky or dangerous, like driving a long distance when the weather was bad.

In one instance, a loved one was several hours late arriving home, and I couldn’t get a hold of them by phone (not normal at all for them).  » Read more

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