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Category: Polyamory/Monogamy

Fear Unmasks Itself

Earlier this week, I posted a blog entry called “mono guilt,” in which I felt like I was in a lose/lose situation regarding staying monogamous

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mono guilt

I find myself vacillating between which will kill my relationship with Skyspook faster, which is the bigger risk: Staying monogamous with him, limiting his options,

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Poly Debriefing #2: More

These days I’m polyamorous in spirit, monogamous in practice. It feels disingenuous to claim that I am one or the other completely. Even though my

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This is the term Skyspook came up with to describe myself with regards with monogamy/non-monogamy. I think my natural orientation is for monogamy, the simplicity.

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See You Later, Space Cowboy

Cowboy. Somebody who figures that these alternative relationships are unstable, and consciously or unconsciously tries to pull one of the partners off into a monogamous

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