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Category: Polyamory/Monogamy

an abstract image of red swirls with 3 starbursts

There Are No Magic Words

“I should never have used that word,” I said. “The L word. I thought nothing of it, but they totally got the wrong idea.” “Oh,

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a pink razor

Is It a Date?

“What do you think? Do you want to get together?” “Sure, that sounds great.” Schedules are coordinated, the time is set, logistics set. Your place,

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green ladies and gentlemen bathroom sign

Stinky Bathrooms

“Ugh, the ladies’ room smells HORRIBLE.” She’s standing outside my office door, interrupting my concentration. Once I’ve registered what she said and that it’s not

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Unsettled Down

Polyamory didn’t come naturally to me at all. Instead, it was a zeitgeist that descended upon my friends circle, and in the spirit of being

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