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Family of Origin

Category: Family of Origin

My Most Toxic Friendship

I glance at my phone. New text message: “Starting to wonder where you are.” I log into e-mail, social networks. She’s contacted me there. The

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Silver and Gold

I lost my belief in so many beautiful traditions long ago.   I raised myself on movies of the week and Hallmark moments. As my

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a person in a blue bikini, leading another person across a sandy beach
Diet/Weight Loss

Weighty Matters

Dieting has been very much a part of my psyche since I first started going to Weight Watchers meetings at 3 years old. I found

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I came out about my sexual orientation to my mother today. It started when we were talking about one of my friends from college. “You

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The Messiah Complex

1. Just about everyone else in my family is Catholic (except for a few crazy uncles we were never allowed to associate with except for

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I’m the hyper, nauseatingly precocious kid in all the snaps, wearing an evening gown at the breakfast table, correcting my mother’s grammar in a Grover

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