Ask Page: Why Don’t You Write for Poly People?

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Image by fourbyfourblazer / CC BY

Hi Page,

I’ve been reading your site. It’s pretty good, but I thought you could benefit from an opposing viewpoint. I feel like you are not really writing for polyamorous people on this website. Your whole editorial slant revolves around with the idea that being in nonexclusive relationships does not come naturally to a lot of people and requires work from them.  » Read more

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Attachment Styles: Know Your Attachment Type

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Image by dierk schaefer / CC BY

Perhaps the biggest lesson of all in child development is that the first year of so of our life is a radically important time for us emotionally. While we continue to learn about trust and social relationships over the course of our life (and experience another notable period of turbulence at puberty), the bulk of how we learn to be in relationships takes root when we’re infants.  » Read more

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Meet Martin the Brain Weasel

pine marten, brain weasel
Image by Steve Slocomb / CC BY

This is my brain weasel, Martin the pine marten. Whenever I can’t sleep because of brain weasels, I imagine him in a tiny leather jacket (because brain weasels always travel in gangs).

You’re welcome to as well. Martin gets around.

What is a brain weasel, you ask?

It’s that little voice in your head with the nagging self-doubt,  » Read more

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