Memo to Future Dating Self: Screen for Self-Control

a set of 4 hand embroidered brains
Image by Hey Paul Studios / CC BY

Empathy and Self-Control Are Linked

The Atlantic recently did an exciting piece on a new study by Alexander Soutschek of the University of Zurich. The results demonstrate that empathy and self-control both originate from the same area of the brain, suggesting a link between them. As Ed Yong of The Atlantic writes:

Press your right index finger to the top of your right ear,  » Read more

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The Last Pretzel Bite: The Ins and Outs of Out-Niceing Each Other

close up of several salted soft pretzel bites
Image by LA Foodie / CC BY

“You can have it.”

“No, it’s yours.”

“Just take it already.”

It’s a dance that Skyspook and I do. Each one deferring in turn, the politeness spinning into frustration spinning into rudeness. Our civil selves unravel.

“Alright. Fine,” one of us finally says. The concession to self-serving smooths everything over.  » Read more

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