You Can’t Guarantee Entire Communities Will Be Good

a mural painted on a rock face that says "community" and then has a scene of a coastal town with rainbows and hot air balloons over it
Image by Rebecca Siegel / CC BY

This past summer I moved cross-country to a new area, leaving the community I knew rather well and landing somewhere where I basically knew no one at all.

At first I was pretty darn shellshocked. The simple logistical process of packing up everything we owned, preparing the house for sale, and living in it while it was being shown to prospective buyers…  » Read more

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What Might Seem Like “Laziness” Could In Fact Be Different Priorities 

a collection of 3 Daleks (one red, one white, one blue), robot villains from the TV Show Dr. Who, in the grass
Image by steve p2008 / CC BY

As I mentioned before, I’m naturally fairly laidback about chores. I happily do them and pitch in wherever I can (and at times, I do something like 15-20 hours of chores a week). But I’m not someone that’s ever going to be automatically repulsed by clutter or a mess.

This is likely an adaptation based on how I spent my teenage years:

 …the short version is that in the 90s,  » Read more

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If You Want to Get Closer to People, Stop Giving Extra Credit Criticism

a dreamy rough artistic rendering of a circus scene
Image by cea + / CC BY

I’ve always been a person who dreams. And most of the time I remember them.

Supposedly, science says this means I’m a restless sleeper, that I wake up easily. You’re more likely to remember your dreams if you sleep lightly or wake up frequently.

This also scans, since I have a tiny bladder and a tendency to become absolutely parched right before bed.  » Read more

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