The Grass Is Always Greener in My Head

a closeup photo of a blade of very green grass with morning dew clinging to the blade
Image by wishvam / CC BY

I am really good at falling in love. And when I do, I typically put people up on pedestals. In fact, it was only a few years ago that I stopped doing that. And it took being on the other side of things, dating someone who had me up on a really high pedestal.

So high that when I showed up as just little old me and not a goddess that shattered her wildest expectations…  » Read more

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I’ve Had My Own Advice Used Against Me… and That’s a Good Thing

a person walking around outside holding a flashlight and shining it in from of themselves
Image by Pexels / CC 0

“Are you sure about that?” my partner says. “Because I think you’re biased here.”

“Well,” I say in response, my voice dripping with equal parts defensiveness and smugness, “I may be biased. But that doesn’t mean I’m wrong.”

“You know,” my partner says, “that reminds me of something a relationship writer once wrote.”  » Read more

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