When You’re Used to People Pressuring You, Patience Can Be Life-Changing

a sign that reads Hostess Will seat you. On the right side of the frame is some kind of leafy plant.
Image by Lisa @ Sierra Tierra / CC BY

She’s been pushed too far. Way too many times. And what she wants more than anything is for you to wait.

All she wants is time to make up her mind. Enough so that she can really sort through and consider her feelings. Enough to make sure this is what she wants. Moving too quickly in the past has led to buyer’s remorse.  » Read more

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A World Where People Don’t Say What They Mean

a window with rain on it, at night. various street lights shine through the window
Image by _ Kripptic / CC BY

It had been a long emotional night. Yet another fight with Seth.

It wasn’t just that we were arguing again. No, it was worse than a repeat. The negativity had gone to a whole new level.

“I used to love you before you became such a bitch,” he said.

I’ve Learned You Don’t Argue with Someone Who Is Insulting You

I learned a long time ago that you don’t argue with someone who is insulting you.  » Read more

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We Broke Up, But Facebook Thinks We’re Still Together

a blue button in the Facebook user interface style. It has a thumbs down symbol and says Dislike
Image by Sean MacEntee / CC BY

My phone buzzes. I glance at the lock screen. And immediately sigh.

My newly ex-boyfriend has posted another status. Something about sports. Inscrutable to those who don’t possess encyclopedic knowledge of various plays. Codified like a comparative analysis of chess openings. Not my language.

And what am I doing looking at this status anyway?  » Read more

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How I Accidentally Got Closure On One Relationship From Another

a broken heart-shaped mirror sitting on a red flower on what appears to be pavement
Image by TimOve / CC BY

“I love you,” Skyspook said. “And that’s why if you go back there, back to that house, this relationship is over.”

“Yeah,” Seth said. “You’re not going back there.”

I’d just gotten done telling them (my husband and boyfriend) and two of our friends — Crock and Hilda — about an unfortunate incident with my other partner Rob.  » Read more

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