What I Learned from Watching Masterchef Junior

a pot on a stove with steam coming out of it
Image by Moyan Brenn / CC BY

On its face, Masterchef Junior is a lot like other reality TV cooking competitions. Cooks are pitted against each other week to week as they face various wildly improbable challenges. Something like cooking for the client from Hell, armed only with canned mushrooms.

Making pasta from scratch within a ridiculous time limit.

That kind of thing.  » Read more

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What’s Your Conflict Style? 5 Approaches to Conflict Resolution

3 dinner forks locked together in front of a black backgorund
Image by David Santolalla / CC BY

“Conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional.”

-Max Lucado


As I wrote in a previous post, there are worse things than conflict, including perpetually running away from one you need to address. One commenter on that piece made a great observation: “Honesty and conflict resolution are so much easier in theory than in practice.”  » Read more

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PQ 5.11 — What do I expect of others, and why?

shop sign that reads "Closed. Will return when you least expect it. Thank you! Please come again!"
Image by Ben Husmann / CC BY

PQ 5.11 — What do I expect of others, and why?

Here are a few pieces I’ve written about the tricky nature of expectations:

  1. You Get What You Expect, Kinda: Resilient People Aren’t Always Positive
  2. Happy Poly-Days, Because for Some? Holidays Are Basically the Worst
  3. It’s Not a Cure-All: 8 Things Polyamory Doesn’t Fix

I’ve learned to not expect a lot of people.  » Read more

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