Can People Who Want to Change Their Attachment Style Do So?

a cat snuggling on a human's shoulder. The cat's eyes are closed, and they look quite content.
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I’ve written quite a few times on this website about attachment styles. As I’ve written in those previous posts, perhaps the biggest lesson of all in child development is that the first year of so of our life is a radically important time for us emotionally. While we continue to learn about trust and social relationships over the course of our life (and experience another notable period of turbulence at puberty),  » Read more

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The Golden Rule Is for Strangers. Use the Platinum Rule for Those You Know Well.

Image by James St. John / CC BY

Pretty much everyone has heard of The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

It’s in the Bible of course. In there multiple times actually. And it’s also a self-help super hit. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard it in my life. (Likely thousands.)  » Read more

The Golden Rule Is for Strangers.

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The First Step in Compromise is *Wanting* to Compromise

a handshake
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Sometimes I write pieces about how people who are coming from different places on something can compromise. Usually, this is in the form of sharing a compromise I made with someone else. A few recent examples of this:

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It’s Important to Remember We Don’t Know What We’re Missing

a brick wall with a brick missing
Image by lamdogjunkie / CC BY

Sometimes the Internet seems like Pandora’s box. It’s easier than ever before for disinformation to spread. It makes the early ages of yellow journalism seem quaint in comparison.

But even as I say this, I can’t deny how many benefits it’s simultaneously presented. Online shopping is hard to ignore, how incredibly helpful it is to be able to get practically anything you’d ever want shipped to you…  » Read more

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When One Partner Wants to Have Important Relationship Discussions Via Text & the Other Wants to Have Them in Person

a manhole that says "communication" on it
Image by Alan Levine / CC BY

“I liked your post today on love languages and meeting in the middle,” she says.

“Thanks,” I say.

“Have you written anything on meeting in the middle when one partner wants to talk about issues via text and the other wants to chat about those things in person?”  » Read more

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