When Public Displays of Affection on Social Media Are Hiding Unhappiness

cartoon person with long hair covering their eyes and sitting behind a laptop that has stickers that represent Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram on it
Image by Pixabay / CC 0

I’ve always been someone who posts positive things about partners on social media. Always.

I post positive things when things are going well. I post positive things when they’re not.

It’s a funny thing because when you’re a relationship writer, people expect you to let it all hang out. For you to have no boundaries about what you say.  » Read more

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You Don’t Know How You’re Going to Feel. And That’s Okay.

a painting featuring drama masks - one is happy, the other is sad
Image by Rain Love AMR / CC BY

As much as I strive to live in the moment, I’ve always been someone who rehearses things.

When I’m about to have an important conversation, I will often find myself imagining how it’s going to go. Sometimes this involves actually playing out the hypothetical talk. Acting out both sides clumsily like a person playing a board game against themselves.  » Read more

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