It’s Important to Know When To Change Your Walk & When to Change the Path

a small wooden bridge over a path in the woods
Image by Pixabay / CC 0

“I wonder sometimes if seeing behind the curtain makes you respect me or my writing less,” I say to a friend. “You get to see what it actually looks like in practice. You get to see how I apply — or don’t — what I put out there into the wider world. How it sometimes matches exactly and other times might have to look a little different.  » Read more

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If You Give a Gift to Get a Certain Reaction, the Gift Is Actually for YOU

a purple gift box with a white ribbon bow
Image by Pixabay / CC 0

“Hey Page,” he says, “can you take a look at something for me?”

“Sure,” I reply.

And then 8 screenshots shoot into our chat lightning quick.

“What do you think?” he says.

“Reading, sec,” I reply.

“Okay,” he says. “Take your time.”

It takes me a second to orient to the chat bubbles because it’s not a program I use.  » Read more

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