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Category: D/s


“I love you,” Skyspook said as we were about to get out of the car. I looked at him and smiled. “Wow,” he said. “There’s

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Custom Orders

One of the refreshing aspects of my 24/7 dynamic with Skyspook is that we do what feels right, communicate, carve out the rules, protocols, and

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As of late, I’ve joined a number of forums on Fetlife geared towards slaves, so I can read posts by other people who are interested

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I’m a pervert. My best friends are perverts. Virtually everyone I interact with on a daily basis these days is a pervert. That doesn’t mean

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Wired Differently

If I try to be monogamous with a vanilla man with low libido ever again, someone please inform me of the error of my ways.

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Skyspook: Are you perving on yourself?   Me: I’m a pansexual woman. And I just happen to be my type.   *   He’d strapped

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Another View

Skyspook’s reaction to “Desperation”: (12:18:53 PM) skyspook: I liked the post… although it sounds so sad. It was not your fault that you were desperate.

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