Anxiety Says, “Save Often. You Never Know When There Will Be a Boss Fight.”

a person wearing a Moogle costume (from the Final Fantasy series). Moogles are fuzzy white creatures with a big red nose and a big red ball on top of their head connected by a flexible wire (kind of like a single antenna with a ball on it)
Image by Andrew Evans / CC BY

For a while I was really into Let’s Play videos, playthroughs of games accompanied by the gamer’s color commentary. The best LPs are hilarious, and oddly like hanging out with a friend who is both wittier and better at games than you are.

“Page, you could never do a Let’s Play,” my friend John told me.  » Read more

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Emotional Ergonomics: There’s No Should. You Feel How You Feel.

a drawing of a cluttered desk. A stick figure person is bent over a laptop at an uncomfortable angle. The ergonomics are terrible.
Image by Kars Alfrink / CC BY

A core principle in the field of ergonomics is that a workstation should be designed with the user’s comfort in mind. The tools are laid out to serve the body. When we contort our bodies in an effort to match up with poorly aligned tools, productivity suffers. And repetitive strain injuries can follow.

When I worked for a large hospital system,  » Read more

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PQ 8.1 — Am I worried that if someone “better” comes along, my partner will realize I’m not good enough and want to replace me?

2 pairs of sneakers on a tile floor. the ones on the left are old and falling apart. the ones on the right are brand new.
by Page Turner (snapshot)

PQ 8.1 — Am I worried that if someone “better” comes along, my partner will realize I’m not good enough and want to replace me?


Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing.

-Vince Lombardi

I wish to hell I’d never said the damned thing. I meant having a goal…I sure as hell didn’t mean for people to crush human values and morality.  » Read more

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The Curse of Self-Protection: “Don’t Make That Face, It’s Gonna Freeze That Way.”

a suit of armor
Image by T. Cowart / CC BY

It’s not easy being a kid. Kids have all the emotions that adults have, but they’re yet to figure out coping skills. Especially the little ones.

They act on their emotions rather than dealing with them. Excessive stress leads to behavioral problems.

However, in some ways, I admire their lack of emotional regulation.  » Read more

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