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Leather Family

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Fat Knees

My mother likes to relate a story of a visit she had to her primary care provider many years ago, right around the time my

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Wired Differently

If I try to be monogamous with a vanilla man with low libido ever again, someone please inform me of the error of my ways.

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withering flower in winter


July 9, 2010: There is a placefor the singlepeople – and ho are they? who am I I inventa person worthy of servitude – is

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Girly Aspirations

The Devil’s Panties “We should go OUT,” Legalista says, emphatically. I smile.  “Yes, of course,” I reply. I am certain she is just being polite. 

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In my former post, Stranger in a Strange Land, I reference friends of mine as a “lesbian couple.” I hadn’t cleared whether it was kosher

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