Is Solo Polyamory Ableist?: A Readers’ Response Discussion

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I recently stumbled across a post from Poly Talk called “Is Solo Polyamory Ableist?”

In the piece, Codi Coday asserts that solo polyamory as a relationship style is inaccessible and ableist, i.e., that it is discriminatory against individuals who are not able-bodied.

Quite a statement.

I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it,  » Read more

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I Was Treated as a Disease Vector: Why There Are So Few Gay Men in Pansexual Polyamory

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Today’s post is a guest blog post from Fluffy.  Fluffy’s experiences with polyamory fascinate me as their history diverges wildly from my own. So I pestered them for weeks to share some of it.

In addition to being my bestie, Fluffy is a current researcher of transgender issues in the workplace and one fiendishly good knitter and tie dye artist.  » Read more

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A Single Yankee in King Arthur’s Relationship Web: Single and Surrounded by Poly People

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Today’s post is a guest blog post from my dear friend John. This basically came about because I was chasing the poor guy around and going, “You should write a post for my blog. It’s gotta be super weird being a mono guy surrounded by poly people.”

“Well, more like single,” John would say.  » Read more

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