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Category: D/s


“How do we know who we are sexually, what sex even is?”   This is one of those stupid questions I ask curled in the

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I am not a particularly loyal person. I wonder if it’s because one thing that life has taught me is that ultimately I can only

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Goodbye, White Knight

In February of 2010, I’m walking through the streets of Bangor late at night in 4-inch patent leather heels with a handsome man holding my

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As the Dom Melts

Conversation with skyspook at 9/16/2010 12:10:53 PM on (irc) (12:11:02 PM)page: hey, I read some of your LJ – good luck with all the weight

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Showing My Zebras

Zebra is a medical slang term for a surprising diagnosis.[1] Although rare diseases are, in general, surprising when they are encountered, other diseases can be

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In the Dust

March 2010 – Saint Patrick’s Day   “You’ve been doing amazing,” S says. “You look incredible. You’ve changed so much.” We lock arms, cuddle. “Just

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Fat Knees

My mother likes to relate a story of a visit she had to her primary care provider many years ago, right around the time my

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