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Dirty Sweet

Category: Dirty Sweet


“I love you,” Skyspook said as we were about to get out of the car. I looked at him and smiled. “Wow,” he said. “There’s

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I rode the wave for what seemed like forever the other night. We were working in concert, floating me at the cusp – it was

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The brief moment between the swing and the sting of the dressage whip seems to span eons. Sometimes he’s a bastard and swings it so

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Slave Heart

May 23, 2011: I’m in the midst of an incredible romance with Skyspook. He keeps doing things for me that I like, taking me places

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Domestic Service

As I’m sweeping the floor, I find myself thinking of last night, how you grabbed my hair as I sucked you off and thrust until

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About the Other Night

The spirit is the energy that moves between us, one to the other. When we struggle, fight, collapse together, we unearth our depths. I am

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I’ve loved you a season now. Somehow your eyes are growing softer and brighter with time and the colors around us more vibrant. This new

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Last night, you told me that prosody was my strong suit and drew a heart in black ink on my shoulder with your good pen

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