Maybe the secret, after all, is that it’s a great deal more simple than I had believed: His hand on my back, our bodies intertwined in the bed, the familiar smell of his skin, and how his smile effortlessly warms me.

I am heady and high on love for him.

No sin to enjoy that.  » Read more

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Laundry Time

Skyspook, I love folding your clothes.

Most people would see these as pieces of fabric, but I see you in every one. They’re where you spend most of your days, armor protecting you from the world.

Sorting into piles, I ruminate on who you are, who you’ve been, who you’ll one day be – not to find answers but to enjoy the way the questions echo with no one to answer them.  » Read more

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Good Night

When I love you, I love to watch you touch yourself the way you like to be touched, love to see you get lost in yourself, surrender to sensation. It’s an opportunity to glimpse into your sexual inner life, see traces of that force within you that compels you to connect, to move, to drive forward.  » Read more

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