Ask Page: Can He Force Me Into Mono/Poly Just Because He’s a Dominant?

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Hi Page,

I’m kind of new to this whole thing, being kinky and poly. Been talking to someone, and I have doubts. I would love to know if you could shed some light on them.

Talking to a guy right now, and he says that just because he’s a Dominant that he can go out with other submissives while he doesn’t even let me talk to other people.  » Read more

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3 Differences Between a Dominant & Someone Who Just Uses it as an Excuse to Be Controlling

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What is the difference between a dominant and someone who just uses it as an excuse to be controlling?


1. Consent Is an Important Part of Dominance.

The bottom line is very simple: It boils down to consent.

A healthy D/s relationship happens between two people who are willing participants.  » Read more

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The Tyranny of Takebacksies and When Hierarchy Goes Mean

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Hi Page, 

I have been in a polyamorous relationship for several months now, and everything seemed to be going relatively okay until about a month and a half ago. There were small obstacles along the way, but I was under the impression they’d been overcome.

To start from the beginning: I met my partner Tom† when we ended up sitting next to each other on a train and spoke for the whole ride.  » Read more

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Monogamy as a Choice Rather Than a Default: Do We Really Need Yet Another Way to Be Incompatible?

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Hi Page,

I’ve been reading your blog for several months now. I like your writing because I feel like you talk about polyamory and monogamy in ways that are realistic and like you can understand a person pursuing either relationship style, so long as people are treating each other in a healthy way.   » Read more

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