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wooden bucket of strawberries, tipped over on its side

Maybe It’s Time to Empty that Bucket

Ah, the bucket list. You know… all the things that you would like to do before you die. Why do they call it that? I didn’t know at first but did some digging, and apparently it literally comes from the idea that it’s all the things you want to do before you “kick the bucket.” Yes, really. Wow. Okay.

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plastic building blocks

What About the Soft Block?

I used to be a person who responded to everyone who contacted me. Day or night. Regardless of who they were, if I even liked them, how much it inconvenienced me.

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a sign of a baseball player holding a bat

You Can’t Be a Designated Hitter When It Comes to Caring

Once upon a time, I had a truly magical outlook regarding emotions. I thought that if I only cared enough about situations that it would affect the other person. Move them somehow. Even if they were selfish, cold, only concerned with their own self and their needs, if I cared enough, I could soften another person’s heart.

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a child with their hands in front of their face, palms towards the camera. The palms have swirling multicolored paint on them

You’re Never Going to Wish You Enjoyed This Less

Sometimes I wish I could go back to that former version of myself — the one who was scared, who thought this relationship was “too good to be true,” who convinced herself that it’d all end at any time. I wish I could go back and tell her, “You’re never going to wish you enjoyed this less.”

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To the Right People, You Won’t Be Too Much

was a relief when I got together with my husband that he didn’t find me exhausting. Because my ex certainly did. He said it often. He didn’t say that I had a ton of energy or that I was always working on learning something — the way that I’d come later to view these tendencies of mine.

No, he said that I was exhausting.

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two Band-Aids crossed on one another

You Can Do Everything Right & Still End Up Hurt

t’s weird whenever I post about a relationship that didn’t end well… people always seem like they’re on the hurt for the how and why. And not just the lesson that can be learned, but who in the story is the hero and the villain,” I say.

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a multicolored rose with dew clinging to it

It’s Nice to Get Credit for Trying

It’s the weekend. Early morning. My partner has had a long five-day stretch of getting up early and staying up late for his multiple jobs. He has to work late morning today too. (And so do I.)

But if he plays his cards right, he can sleep in an hour or two longer than usual. And he really needs it.

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over a blue background, the image of a large white heart shape made up of several smaller heart shapes. A few are flying away from it, including one small red heart

You Gotta Love Pre-Dating

There’s something about that time when you’re not really dating, but you’ve identified compatibility. And you’re still sorting out the particulars, figuring it all out. Getting to know each other. Enjoying that process. Y’know… pre-dating.

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