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Hey, Lonely Kid, I See You.

I’m good at seeing the people who want to be part of something social but are having trouble working out how to jump in. There’s a reason for this — something that shocks people who know me in real life, even some who know me well: I was a lonely kid. I struggle with anxiety myself. And I don’t always feel like I fit in.

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The Wrong People Have All the Fear

It’s the sweetest people I know who are always worried about the impact they have on others, who try to really hard to navigate situations well. And it’s the the bad actors who feel confident driving however they want.

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Is Knowing REALLY Half the Battle?

The GI Joe Fallacy is the name for a psychological phenomenon whereby we expect that knowing about a bias means that we can overcome it. Knowing is not half the battle. Not even close. Now, knowing about a bias does help — but according to research, it’s something like a tenth of the battle. Waaaaay less than half.

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The Healing Process Can Be Traumatic

We don’t talk about it enough, but the healing process can be really traumatic. Even once you’ve worked past defensiveness and figured out how you want to work through your issues, the difficulty doesn’t stop there. Really, that’s when it begins.

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Strong Relationships Protect Themselves

Strong relationships don’t need to be protected. They stay healthy and strong. They protect themselves via deep connection and understanding. This is not something that people outside of the relationship can interfere with. Not really. No, when a bond is good, it endures, regardless of anything else happening outside of it.

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