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What Is Casus Belli?

Literally, act of war in Latin, casus belli is the act of picking a fight over basically nothing. It’s when someone is using whatever justification they can to start a fight — and especially when they use it as an excuse to dump you or fall out with you socially.

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Everything Must Be Said Again Since No One Was Listening

We’ve reached a point where there’s nothing left to say, and most of us are completely done, we barely have the energy to speak to our friends, let alone folks who consider us enemies…. except… except sometimes there’s a chance. There’s that occasional person who says, “Oh, I didn’t think of that before.” Improbably. However improbably.

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Projection Is Such a Sneaky Interpersonal Dynamic

I always forget about projection. It’s such a sneaky interpersonal dynamic. And if you don’t recognize it for what it is, you can get thrown way off track. End up arguing for hours about things that one person doesn’t even feel but the other person is convinced that they must.

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How I Know If I’m In Love

I usually don’t. When I’m in love, I’m the last one to know. And what typically happens is that someone else realizes. Sometimes they just plain tell me. “Oh my God, you have feelings for them!”

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