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Thank You For Being So Consistent

It’s not the love story that the movies sell us, but there really is something fantastic about being consistent — and I’ve found that my favorite people not only appreciate that quality in me but are consistent in return.

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a mirror hanging on a wall

Your Toxic Ex’s Self-Deception

I know it’s hard to watch the way your toxic ex has rewritten history. The distorted way they talk about the time you spent together — and what it all means now that it’s over.

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Sometimes Love Can Look Like (Temporarily) Lowered Expectations

Maybe temporarily lowered expectations is a form of self-love I can actually get behind. Not the self-aggrandizing kind of self-love where I think I’m all that and a bag of chips or can do no wrong. But one where I can extend a little grace to myself when I’m struggling, allow myself a slower day without guilt. A self-love where I can trust myself to catch up later on the slack I’ve cut myself.

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