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a white crib with a colorful baby mobile toy

Maybe I Don’t Want to Be Brave Anymore

“I’ll admit I’ve definitely had days where I’ve thought to myself that maybe I don’t want to be brave anymore. Maybe I want someone to take care of me for a bit. Take a season off. Be a sweetly spoiled baby for a change.”

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a person watching TV

What Are Parasocial Relationships?

Parasocial relationships are entirely one-sided relationships — ones in which one party is interested and invests significant time and energy in someone and that other party is completely unaware of their existence.

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a cartoon ghost

Why Ghosting Hurts So Much

This tendency to ruminate on and better remember tasks that are unfinished is known as Zeiganik effect. And it can unfortunately make ghosting very painful and difficult to move past.

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a train station platform that has the words "mind the gap" painted in yellow letters

The Complaining Gap

People have different thresholds for complaining, and if yours is very high, you must be careful not to assume that other people are the same way, particularly people that you care deeply about.

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