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People Have to Make Up Their Own Minds

It can be frustrating, but people have to make up their own minds. If you turn into the town crier when no one asked you to, it’s a bit like going on an unsolicited advice spree. Very few people will listen. Most will find you profoundly annoying.

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a photo of someone opening a piece of a clay on the pottery wheel

I’m Sorry, It Does Matter to Me If You Meant to Hurt Me

Having had a number of clearly malicious actors do hurtful things and then feebly insist after the fact that they didn’t mean to hurt me, I get it. It’s no good when folks weasel out of dubious acts after the fact, using intent as a cover. But I have to say I’ve found other circumstances where intent is crucial.

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a comet

What Are Comet Relationships?

A comet relationship is a romantic and/or sexual connection that passes through one’s life in an intermittent way. Yes, just like a comet only passes by Earth occasionally.

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a photograph of a broken cup sitting on a table

People Care More Intensely About Loss Than Gain

Loss aversion is an interesting phenomenon. Generally speaking, loss aversion is the phenomenon whereby human beings experience greater negative emotions when they lose something than they get a positive emotional boost from gaining the same thing. 

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