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a large pumpkin pie surrounded by many miniature ones

Delegation Is Hard, But It’s Worth Figuring It Out

You’re causing a stir in the kitchen. Looking for spices in our cabinets. To be fair to you, we don’t exactly have the ideal setup for retrieving spices. We have a lot of seasoning options, and they’re tucked away rather haphazardly, with the containers all different sizes and shoved basically anywhere that they’ll fit.

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hand reaching through the fence holding flowers

You Need to Believe In Yourself With Actions Too

Having been raised on Disney movies, I was told the following, or a variant, over and over again: Believing in yourself is magic. All you have to do is believe and you will succeed. Just be yourself. And believe in yourself! That’s where your power is.

Oh boy.

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a stick person holding a feather duster

I Hate the Part Where Everything Gets Stirred Up

“What are you doing with that?” I ask my partner.

He gives me an incredulous look. “I’m going to dust.” The incredulity is understandable. He’s holding a duster, after all. What did I expect? That he was prepping for his worldwide debut into janitorial cosplay?

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a question mark

When Do You Decide Someone’s a Hopeless Case?

When do you decide someone’s a hopeless case?” she says. She’s been describing a troubling pattern of mistreatment and then apology with her and another person. It’s been going on a long time. She’s very unhappy. And while she’s an optimist, she just isn’t seeing much improvement. Instead, the apologies seem more like placation. Smoothing over. With no intention to really change.

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