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a closeup of a bunch of slices of lemon or lime

How I Keep From Being Easily Offended

It’s something I try to keep in mind, particularly when I’m dealing with someone who is being very bitter. Someone who is intent on picking me apart, letting me know my flaws. So eager to find fault that they’ll coax it from even an ambiguous place.

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closeup of a sad dog waiting for its owner to return

“I Want You to Be More Selfish,” He Says

He’s urging me to be selfish — but everything within me tells me he doesn’t want this. That it’s doomed. And following this suggestion feels like it’ll hurt both of us. So being selfish would be a bad move selfishly here.

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a baseball in a baseball glove sitting in a grassy field

I Am Worrying Until It Happens

I can’t help myself. I am worrying up until it happens. And the worst part of it is that if it never happens, this means that I’m worrying forever. I’m training for a game I’ll never actually have to play. And it isn’t even fun.

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a cat in a carrier

Accepting Reality Doesn’t Mean It Always Feels Good

I feel empty as we’re driving home without him. Both of my cats are elderly — I know what that means. But it still hurts in the moment, as you’re dealing with illness — and mortality, its spectral twin always waiting in the wings.

Accepting reality doesn’t mean it always feels good.

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