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a fantasy scene in which a park springs from an open book

Which World Am I In Again?

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I never planned for this spring and summer to be so difficult. But does anyone ever? It isn’t as though people pencil in traumas on their calendars or dutifully schedule major losses.

a plane coming in for a landing

It Can Be Lonely to Go Off Autopilot But Worth It

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Sometimes it seems like it’d be better to go on autopilot. Easier certainly. And a heck of a lot less lonely than questioning the status quo or forcing myself out of my comfort zone.

animal-style character looking puzzled and a bit stressed

How Long Will It Be Until I Forget?

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My mother said once that I have a hard time getting over things because I have a good memory. “If you could only just forget, you’d feel better. Forgetting helps us let go of the pain.”